Healthy Mind

Simple Ways to Keep a Healthy Mind

Maintaining a healthy mind is crucial for overall well-being, yet it’s an aspect of health that many often overlook. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, mental health can take a backseat to more immediate physical health concerns, work deadlines, and social commitments. However, nurturing a healthy mind is essential for leading a balanced,…

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Free Things to Do in April

It’s April, finally, which means spring is here! It also means tons of fun indoor and outdoor programs for kids– and lots of free family fun!       CraftyCon Details: Friday, April 6, Yellow Cab Building, 5:00 pmThe 7th annual CraftyCon will feature wares from over 30 local artisan vendors, demos, a food truck, craft beer and…

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Our Little Turkey

Each year we bring her out and she takes her place on top of our kitchen counter. It’s the smallest turkey you’ll ever find, but it’s hugely important to our household. The turkey is a craft our daughter made when she was young and it reminds us of what Thanksgiving is all about.  It has…

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