Organizing Your Desk

The answer to a more productive day? An Organized Desk!!

Keeping your workspace clutter free has SO MANY advantages:

1. Increased efficiency – find what you need more quickly!

2. Increased productivity – get more done in less time.

3. Reduced stress – no more digging through a mountain of papers.

4. Find lost items – important papers can easily get misplaced in clutter.

5. Better image – a desk is a reflection of the person, make sure yours is polished and under control.

6. Better time management – a clear desk space allows you to focus and work on the task at hand.

7. Save money – if you make $20 an hour and spend 15 minutes a day looking for things you could save $1,825 a year!

8. Instant gratification in a small amount of time – it doesn’t take long to declutter your desk, and the results are very rewarding!

How to do it:

1. Clear EVERYTHING off your desk – yes, everything.

2. Put things that don’t belong on your desk in a box – put these items away later.

3. File paperwork – ALL paperwork. Papers and projects you are working on can go into a “Working” File.

4. Limit supplies on your desk – only the essentials stored “like with like” in a desktop organizer.

5. Minimal personal items – limit to a few favorites or rotate for a new look every quarter.

6. Use vertical space – hang a corkboard, white board, vertical filing organizer and calendar to keep excess items off your desk.

7. Use the space under your desk – drawers or file boxes are great for items like printer paper and ink.

8. Clean up your desk after every workday – start fresh the next day!

Check out our Organizing the Office Pinterest Board for more desk decluttering ideas!

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