Transform Your Garage From Ho-Hum Storage Space to Rec Room Reality

Transform Your Garage From Ho-Hum Storage Space to Rec Room Reality

Getting organized can make any room more functional, but what about when one room has to fill too many functions? For many of us, that room is the family room, which acts as a gathering place, media room, kids’ playroom and more. Trying to use one room for so many functions doesn’t usually work all that well, which is why we love the idea of converting a garage into a rec room. Creating a rec room is the perfect solution, and the possibilities are virtually endless.

Work Out the Logistics

The first logistical consideration is what to do with everything your garage currently houses. When you need extra space and there’s no other room that will work, converting your garage is much more affordable than an addition. But if you have tools, gardening supplies, and lawn equipment in your garage, all these things still need a home.

One idea, which is also cheaper than a full addition, is to invest in a prefab outbuilding. Steel buildings are perfect for storing all these necessities because they can be built quickly, so there’s little holdup to your project. Not to mention, steel is incredibly durable and less expensive than constructing wood buildings.

Another logistical consideration is how to make sure your garage is safe. Depending on how big your project is, such as whether you install plumbing or change the structure, you may need building permits. Either way, one safety issue to consider is the use of garage doors. Your garage doors should have basic safety features, but any of these mechanics can break down over time. That’s why the pros recommend checking garage door safety features monthly and doing a more thorough inspection annually to ensure they don’t present a concern.

Gather Ideas

When it comes to gathering ideas, the biggest question is how you want to use the space. We love HGTV’s ideas, which show just how many amazing possibilities there are, from a lodge-inspired rec room complete with a stone fireplace, to a decked-out home movie theater. Keep in mind that your rec room doesn’t have to serve just one purpose either.

With creative storage and seating, you can easily create a multi-use space that your entire family can appreciate. One example we love is a detached garage turned rec room featured by This Old House. They added comfy seating and multiple TVs so that kids can play video games while grownups watch football. Plus, the addition of a built-in counter with storage and a mini-refrigerator underneath adds functionality by ensuring refreshments are always close at hand.

Another smart way to get multiple uses out of the room is with the right furniture. For example, if you want a gaming table, consider getting one that converts into a regular table, or even a pool table that can be covered. You can do the same thing with seating by investing in a pullout sofa so the room doubles as a guest bedroom.

Make a Plan

When you’re ready to transform your ideas into a plan that will work, another thing to consider is how to turn a garage from a space that’s utilitarian into one that’s comfortable. Will you want to add lighting if it feels dark? Will you install different flooring, paint the walls, or even hang drywall? These plans will also help you get a feel for the scope of the project. For example, are you primarily redesigning the space, or is this a bigger remodeling project that requires plumbing or electrical work?

Be sure to ask yourself these questions in the planning stages to ensure you set aside enough time and money to make your dream room come together exactly right. Maybe your perfect rec room is a “man cave,” or maybe you have a “she shed” in mind. Or maybe you want a space that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Whatever your perfect rec room may be, you need to have the right plans in place before you can turn those ideas into action.


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