The Right Way to Throw a Legendary Party

Summertime is party time. There’s something about the warm weather that makes people want to come out and have some fun, whether it’s at a pool, in the backyard, or out on the block. Now it’s your time to organize one, and it’s OK if you feel a little nervous. It’s no small feat to make sure the kids are entertained while putting on a memorable event for the adults as well. If you want to be sure you do it right, follow these tips.

Set a Budget

You’re throwing a party to have fun, not to go broke. Take a look at your account and set an amount that you can realistically spend. A spreadsheet works wonderfully for itemizing and allotting a dollar sum for everything, including food, drinks, decorations, and so on. This will also help you organize your shopping and preparation.

Make a Guest List

Be sure it’s an interesting mix and that the kids have others their own age to play with. Start by going through your contacts and Facebook friends and writing down names, with a preference for people that would bring their whole family along. Next, narrow down the number to something you can manage.

Pick a Theme

The right theme will get the kids excited long before the bash begins. If you’re stumped for ideas, the party people at Industrious Family have come up with a number of themes from Peter Rabbit to Highland Games that parents can join in as well. You can even find some exciting arts and crafts so that everyone has something to take home as a memento of the wonderful time they had.

Match Your Decor

Take your party to the next level by tweaking your decor to go with your party theme! Wallpaper is one way to really pack a punch. Sites like Spoonflower offer a nearly endless selection of papers with different textures and patterns, all designed by independent artists. Too many to pick from? Order a sample pack. And if you don’t find the perfect fit, you can even design your own! Your shindig will be truly epic with your custom wall treatment!

Before you start decorating, consider working with a professional organizer to get your space in order. If your home is a little disorganized or clutter is piling up, an organizer can help eliminate unnecessary possessions and assist you with finding the perfect spot for everything else

Send Out Invitations

Get creative and incorporate your theme. That’ll make sure your guests are intrigued and that nobody turns you down without a good reason. Nowadays, it’s much more practical to design an electronic invitation to send out by email, unless it’s a true class affair that demands a formal letter by mail. You’ll find a number of sites online that will help you create both.

Don’t Go Hungry

Buffet style is better for larger affairs, especially if there are lots of kids who can’t sit still with so much excitement going on. Remember to include some vegetarian options so nobody goes hungry, and Martha Stewart has what you need alongside recipes that meat lovers will dig. You’ll also score extra points with a few healthy snacks from your local farmers’ market.

Plan Some Games

Keep everyone entertained, especially kids who will need something to keep them occupied. Luckily, there are plenty of games out there that everyone can enjoy with very little planning or props involved at all. You’ll get to know new friends better with a spirited session of Likes and Dislikes, while the Laughing Game will have you in stitches.

Be a Great DJ

Now is not the time to put on the blues or show off your exotic collection of Tuvan throat-singing. Pick some songs that are kid-friendly but won’t drive the adults crazy while inspiring everyone to get up and move their feet. “Happy,” by Pharrell Williams, should give you the right idea. Oh, and no Nickelback.

Put Safety First

Clear your downstairs or backyard of things that people could trip over. That means tucking any cords or cables behind furniture or under rugs to keep them away from kids’ feet. You may also want to store your valuables and anything fragile such as vases and pottery in a room that you can lock shut.

Follow this advice, and you’ll be a legend. All your friends, family, and their kids will be badgering you to throw another party as soon as possible.

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