About Us

Dayton Parent Magazine was launched in September 2013 and is a part of Midwest Parenting Publications.

Midwest Parenting Publications was founded in 1984. After an already successful launch of parenting publications in Indianapolis, Cincinnati and Hamilton County, IN, Dayton Parent was a natural expansion. With a plan and vision, we have set out to create a publication in Dayton that will encourage education, provide support to parents, introduce new businesses and information, create a bond within families and keep them busy with an in-depth calendar of events.

After 34 years as one of the nation’s oldest localized parenting magazine groups, we are confident that Dayton Parent will be a huge success! Our goal is to publish a full color monthly magazine with the mission of connecting parents and strengthening families.

We look forward to connecting with families and businesses in Dayton and to providing a top notch magazine, website and social media platform that will help build a stronger family community.

Find our past and current issues here.