Local Spotlight: Creek Safe

School shootings are a parent’s worst nightmare, and a topic becoming all too familiar in the news. Although many would rather not even think about such a tragedy, one dedicated group of parents in Beavercreek decided they wanted to do more. Chris and Jennifer Beck, and Scott and Meghan Morgan were determined to join school district efforts to protect students if the unimaginable ever became a reality. Dayton Parent spoke to Jennifer Beck to learn more about Creek Safe and their mission.

How was Creek Safe started?

After the 2018 Parkland shooting, Beavercreek schools held a meeting to inform parents of their plans to employ additional safety measures, including Anchorman barricade door locks. However, with the lack of funding available, the locks were only going to be installed on the doors of high-risk classrooms. After learning more, the four of us came together and decided we could work to raise the funds for all of the classrooms.

We met with the district, filed paperwork to secure our non-profit status, started a website and got rolling! We held over 60 events, raising more than $91,000, which allowed us to purchase a lock for every elementary school classroom in November 2018. Thanks to the Bellbrook Fence team, the locks were installed and we have now moved to Phase 2 of our mission: outfitting the middle schools, the freshman building and the high school with the Anchorman locks.

What are the benefits of the Anchorman locks?

Anchorman locks were designed by two former SWAT officers is Los Angeles, and we are so proud to be working with this company! The locks employ a simple two-step process to engage and require no fine motor skills to operate. Since the lock can be activated by anyone weighing over 50 pounds, it’s possible that a student could barricade a door, if needed. Perhaps the most important benefit is that first responders can open the lock with an Anchorman-issued key, allowing them to easily assist students in an emergency.

What advice would you give to someone who may want to help another district?

We would love to see this take off in more schools. After meeting with school decision-makers and filing proper paperwork with the state, it’s just a matter of reaching out to family, friends, local businesses and anyone who shares the goal of keeping our kids safe at school. We have received so much love and support from the community, and it truly warms our hearts to see everyone come together.

What’s next for Creek Safe?

Once the locks are installed in every classroom, we would like to keep the organization active and continue to raise funds for maintenance and upkeep. We have also explored additional safety measures, such as a film to put on windows to make them more bullet resistant. We want to be sure we’re doing all we can to continue increasing the level of safety while eliminating additional fees for our school district.

To learn more about Creek Safe and to support their goals, visit their website at www.creeksafe.com

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