Easy Love Decor Using Eucalyptus

One nice thing about Valentine’s Day is that it really can be celebrated for weeks. Growing up, my mom always called February the love month and we celebrated all month long.

So, keeping the tradition alive, I thought it would be fun to decorate with love.

All you need is a photo frame, pretty paper (I used a silver sparkly piece), Eucalyptus and hot glue. You can buy a bouquet of Eucalyptus at any craft or floral store.If you’ve ever twisted a petal off of Eucalyptus, you’ll find it looks just like a heart, making it a great Valentine’s craft material. Plus, it smells wonderful!

Simply twist off the Eucalyptus leaves and set aside.

On a pretty piece of paper that fits inside your frame, trace a heart with a pencil.

Using hot glue, layer your leaves around and inside the heart. To get a full effect, layer the leaves on top of each other.

Place the finished piece back inside the frame. Leave the glass out so the artwork is three dimensional and you can enjoy the smell of the Eucalyptus.

Happy Love Month!

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