Organizing with Binders

Three ring binders can be your best friend if you want to get and stay organized. From recipes to photos – binders can give all your paperwork a home so that everything has a place and is easy to find. They come in many different sizes, styles and colors. Here are some ideas to get you started:

• Home Management Binder: Keep all your important Family Documents in ONE place.

• Cleaning Binder: Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Cleaning Schedules.

• Menu Binder: Plan weekly menus and grocery lists.

• Recipe Binder: Add a section for shopping lists too.

• Teacher Binder: Use different binders for lesson plans, master copies, assignments, curriculum, student data, projects, printables and sub plans.

• Hardware Binder: Keep cables, cords and spare parts with their instructions.

• School Binder: For school activities, schedules, classmate lists, important papers, etc.

• Chores Binder: Assign tasks to each family member.

• Budget Binder: Log income and debts, list bank account information as well as mutual fund accounts.

• Bills Binder: Keep track of dues dates and mark when paid. Add pockets for stamps and return address labels too.

• Tax Binder: File everything you will need here so you are ready for tax season.

• Birthday & Special Occasions / Gift Binder: List of birthdays & special occasions and gift ideas. Add pockets for cards too.

• Holiday Binder: List people to buy for and keep track of gifts and stay on budget. You can also make categories for favorite recipes and a calendar of events.

• Manuals Binder: Keep all your manuals in ONE place.

• Coupon Binder: Keep coupons organized and add a pouch for pens and scissors.

• DVD / CD Binder: Make your own movie and music catalog.

• Physical Fitness Binder: Keep track of activity, nutrition, class schedules, progress and exercise ideas.

• Gardening Binder: Keep track of your garden, seeds, transplants, pests, fertilizers, and resources.

• Memory Binder: A place to put all your special memories. Make one for each child.

• Family History / Geology Binder: Include research log, sites, testimonials, family tree, stories, etc.

• Medical / Health Care Binder: Include medical history, doctor visits, bills, insurance claims, doctor and insurance company information, and medications.

• Property Binder: Use to store all legal information like titles, as well as all repairs and home improvements.

• Scrapbooking: Use binders to keep page ideas all in one place and store many of your supplies as well: unmounted stamps, stickers, templates, paper, die cut and punches.

• Babysitter’s Binder: Keep ALL the info your sitter will need: feeding schedules, nap times, allowed activities, emergency numbers, snacks, etc.

• Game Instructions Binder: Especially nice for Lego instruction booklets.

• Kid’s Art: Keep a binder JUST for all those special art projects.

• Photos: I organize my photos chronologically, by year. I also keep all professional photos, like school pictures and Christmas portraits in separate binders.

• Trip Planning Binder: Keep all your reservations, tickets, maps and other documents together.

• Travel Binder: A place for all your photos and memorabilia.

• Kid’s Activity Binder: Great for long trips with kids. Include games, puzzles, and books.

You can customize binders to fit your needs and family. For example, you could combine the Budget and Bills Binders, or the Kid’s Art and Memory Binders.

Examples, specific instructions and details on how to make many of these binders can be found online! Check out our Pinterest Board – Organizing with Binders – for links:

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