Surprising Ways to Use Binder Clips

Binder Clips are inexpensive, come in a variety of sizes and colors, and are extremely versatile. They can be labeled for stacks of paper (think “To Be Filed” in the office) and the boxes or bins they are clipped to (think “Hand Towels” in the linen closet). They are especially useful when paired with pegs on a pegboard or with command hooks on a wall or door.

Here are some great ways to use binder clips and get organized:


Use a small dish and with a clip on the edge to keep yarn in place and detangled as you knit.

Hanger Help

Double your clothesline capacity by drying clothes on evenly-spaced hangers held in place with handy clips.

Cord Keepers

Binder clips keep chargers and earbuds under control.

Easy Freeze

Clip bags underneath a wire shelf to use every inch of space.

Glove Compartment

Keep dishwashing gloves below your sink, clipped to the door.

Cup Holder

Lift pencil cups up off your desk with a hook and a clip.

Wrapping Paper

Clip flat wrapping paper and tissue paper and hang for easy access. Rolls of wrapping paper stay as neat if you clip the ends to the roll.


Create a photo display by linking clips together.

Razor Protector

Put a clip on the end of your razor when travelling.


Keep tablecloths in place by clipping to the table.


Thread cords through binder clips on the edge of the your desk so they don’t fall behind.

Wine Glasses

Decorate clips to use as wine charms.


Label clips to organize paper.

Craft Paint Tubes

Clip tubes to hooks on a pegboard.


Keep tools organized by clipping to a pegboard.

Small Items:

Keep small items like screws and craft embellishments clipped to pegboard hooks.


Use pretty colored clips to organize linen napkins or placemats in a drawer.

Stay in Place

Clip onto the wire shelf of a refrigerator or freezer to keep bottles from rolling around when on their side.

Hanging Folders

Stop folders from sliding around by placing a clip on the hanging wire.

Money Clip

Clip money together.


Place a clip on the end of the toothpaste as you roll it down.

Note or Picture Keeper

Fold prongs together to hold up a note or picture on your desk.

Tea Bags

Clip a tea bag to the inside of your cup.

Photo Display

Hang wire or ribbon across a wall then use binder clips or clothespins to hold photos.


Prop up a sponge on the kitchen sink to dry it out.

Grocery Store

Clip grocery list TO your cart.

Make a Shelving Unit

Stack boxes or bins on their sides and clip together.


Clip on a pot to hold a food thermometer.


Clip missing socks in laundry room until you find the match.


Mark your page with a pretty clip.

Scarves and Hats

Organize scarves and hats by clipping them onto rods in your closet.


Secure trash bags to the bin with clips.

Name Place Card Holder

Fold prongs together to hold up a place card.

Get creative and get organized with Binder Clips!

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