A Mom’s List of Thankful Things

Throughout the year I am always very appreciative of the small and big things in my life that give me meaning. The month of November however does seem to make an imprint even more on thankfulness as we celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. Many are posting their 30 days of thankfulness on Facebook so I figured I would post

A Mom’s List of Thankful Things…

1. Our beautiful children.

2. Naps (both us and the kids!)

3. Starbucks coffee (its the simple things in life)

4. Experiencing life through the eyes of our little ones.

5. Getting a shower in and actually getting to shave my legs.

6. DVR

7. Me time (far and few between).

8. Good health for my family.

9. Vacation memories!

10. Little toes

11. Their hand in mine.

12. Seeing my best qualities in them.

13. At least one child having a high pain threshold.

14. Giggles

15. Having an air mattress night, watching movie and eating popcorn.

16. An excuse to get to color and watch Disney movies.

17. The dress up box.

18. Seeing a lego before I step on it (crisis averted!)

19. Hearing “I love you to China and Texas and Heaven and Antartica and back!”

20. Watching siblings actually get along.

21. Making mud pies, blowing bubbles and running through the grass barefooted.

22. Giving them experiences they will always remember.

23. A Snow Day when everything is cancelled.

24. Watching their personalities come to fruition.

25. Having a stuffed animal picnic.

26. Seeing their faces on Christmas morning.

27. The magic of the Tooth Fairy, Santa, and the Easter Bunny.

28. The feeling we get when we actually feel like we did something right as a parent (occasionally it does happen!)

29. Having their pictures everywhere to brighten our day.

30. Facebook or Twitter as an adult outlet 🙂

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