Organizing a Coffee & Tea Station

A good mug of coffee or a nice cup of tea can start the day off right. I am usually too tired or rushed to spend 20 minutes getting the filters, coffee, cream and sugar, etc. together every morning. So, I recently decided to create a Coffee Station – and I LOVE it!!! It makes my morning routine easier and happier!


1. Choose are area to set up your station. It can be on the countertop, in a nook or even on a coffee cart! It doesn’t have to take up a lot of space or be extravagant – it just needs to be functional. Think about recreating a hotel coffee station – customized just for you!

2. Give the items a home. Use a basket or tray to keep everything together and stop items from migrating further down the countertop or table.

3. Get everything together: Tea pot, cups and saucers, favorite tea, coffee / espresso maker, mugs, coffee and filters or pods, sweeteners, small spoons, etc. Find small baskets or containers to store the smaller items. Get creative and use items that you love and make you smile everyday! My favorite item is my vintage sugar dispenser.


Coffee Condiment Caddy

Pod Storage Drawer

Wood Beverage Stirrers

Mug Tree

Tea Tins

Tea Bag Storage Box / Organizer

Think out of the box: use a vintage cupcake stand or a wooden pallet.

“May your day be a wonderful as your first sip!”

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