Organizing Dishes, Cups and Bowls

Dishes, Cups and Bowls: we use them over and over and over again every day. So, how you store them is important! Get cluttered cabinets under control by giving each items a “home”. Keep day-to-day items close by for easy access. Keep other items you use occasionally in upper or lower cabinets, and keep those used rarely (like Holiday dishware) out of the way in top cabinets or even areas outside the kitchen.


Declutter First! Toss or donate anything that is chipped or broken, mismatched or never used.

Decide how many of each item you really need. A set of 10 dishes is ok – 10 To-Go coffee mugs is probably unnecessary.

Store close to the dishwasher, if possible.

Stack plates and bowls in a cabinet according to size.

Use space-saving wire cabinet racks or adjust your shelves to customize your space.

Customize a large drawer with pegboard and large wooden dowels to hold plates and bowls in place.

Arrange cups and glasses in columns according to height.

Mugs and teacups can be stacked or hung from hooks under cabinet shelves.

Use small baskets in child accessible drawers or a kid’s cupboard for plastic plates, bowls and sippy cups and lids.

Have display-worthy dishes? Store on open shelves in the kitchen.

Looking for specific products or ideas to organize your dishes, cups and bowls? Give us a call! 937-672-7567 or check out our “Organizing the Kitchen” Pinterest Page:

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