Organizing Spices

If you love to cook you probably have an abundance of spices! These little canisters of goodness can cause quite a clutter in your cabinet. Plus, searching for the right one can take the fun out of creating a culinary masterpiece! Round all those spices up and start cooking!

First, get ALL your spices together. While you are sorting them (preferably in alphabetical order – just like the grocery!) discard any that are outdated. Spices usually last only a year.

Next, pick your favorite storage option: (You may decide on more than one option. I keep my most used spices near the stove and prep area. Those used only occasionally are stored in the pantry.)

• In a drawer: align label up on an inclined rack in the drawer or make sure the tops are labeled if standing upright.

• On the cabinet door, use a cabinet door spice rack or clips.

• Get creative and repurpose a vintage wooded crate or silver trays to hang on the wall.

• Hang a stainless steel spice rack on a rod between two cabinets.

• Use a magnetic spice organizer system. These little magnetic containers can also be attached to the frig.

• Hang by the lid under the cabinet above the countertop.

• Store on a narrow shelf above the stove.

• Create a custom built-in wall spice rack.

• Standing or rotating spice stands work well on a countertop.

• If storing in a cabinet, use a tiered shelf so you can see what is in back or a stackable organizer or pull down organizer.

• Use turntables in a corner shelf for easy access.

Finally, don’t forget to LABEL!

Enjoy your newly organized spices! And remember: the most ingredient is one teaspoon of love!

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