Organizing the Office Drawer

Is your office desk drawer disguised as a junk drawer? If the answer is yes, then it is time to declutter it!! No one has time to sort through a bunch or trash, receipts, pens, batteries, and other miscellaneous items just to find a paperclip!


1. Dump that drawer! Yes, dump it, onto a large table or box.

2. Sort everything! Throw out the trash. Put items that belong elsewhere in a bin to put away later. Anything you don’t use or need can be placed in the “Donate” box.

3. You should be left only with items you are keeping in your drawer.

4. Pick a drawer organizer. They come in all different colors, shapes and styles, from wire mesh to bamboo. You can also make your own with small boxes of different sizes (chocolate boxes happen to be great for this!), just tape them together for a customized fit. Use the bottom of egg cartons for little items. Mint tins also work well for small items. Double decker organizers work well in deeper drawers to use every bit of space.

5. Keep “like with like”. Give each type of item (such as pens, stamps, rubber bands, tape, post-it notes, batteries, glue, hole punch, stapler & staples, scissors, and paperclips!) their own bin.

Inspired? Use drawer dividers to make an Electronics Drawer (for all those cords, chargers and small electronics), a Mail Drawer (filled with stamps, envelopes, return address labels and pens), a Bill Paying Drawer (with checkbook, account numbers and web sites for on-line payments, bill tracker, incoming and outgoing bills, and a calculator), and an Art Supply Drawer for the kids (paper, coloring books, makers, crayons, paints, stickers, and glitter).

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