My View from the Carpool Line

Get there early, waste time in line waiting, pick up your kid first.
Get there late, waste time waiting in line, pick up your kid last.

Whichever path you choose, you’re stuck waiting. The carpool line at preschool is kind of like a traffic jam you voluntarily put yourself into each day.

When I’m sitting in line, I’m most likely on my phone, reading the news, listening to NPR, checking things out with my blog, on FB or Twitter… stuff like that. But recently I’ve found something more interesting to do with my time – watch other people while THEY wait. The last couple of weeks I’ve noticed several types of people in the pickup line

The Overextended Mom
I’m not sure how this parent keeps her sanity, clearly getting no break from children all day long. Even though she’s picking up two or more kids from carpool, she has at least three others that are too young for preschool in her 15 passenger van.

The Excessive Groomer
Everyday it’s something: nail clipping, pimple popping, makeup applying, etc.

The Socializer
This person is always out of his or her car, talking to everyone, every day, and usually oblivious when the carpool line actually starts moving.

The Phone Talker
This parent is on the phone while pulling into the lot, waiting for pickup, while the teacher brings kids to the car, while the teacher tries to talk about the child’s day, and when driving away.

The Organizer
I thought I’d seen it all, until this person opened her sliding van door and I peered inside. It was perfect, not full of junk and clutter. There was a small plastic carousel organizer full of neatly arranged crayons. What? I’d never seen anything like it. And in the backs of seats where my kids’ stuff all their trash, hers was full of coloring books, regular books, normal kid stuff. It was amazing.

Let me know what types of people you’ve seen in carpool line at my True Confessions of a Stay at Home Dad Facebook page!

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