[True Confessions of a Stay-at-Home Dad]

The other day, my kids and I headed to Home Depot to buy two items that, in most parts of the country, you’d never need to purchase at the same time. We bought a bag of rock salt for de-icing our driveway and a bag of charcoal for cooking on the grill. As we waited at the checkout line, we debated which bag we would have to use first.

There’s nothing like living in the Midwest in March. The most mixed-up of all the months – where we could get 12 inches of snow one day and 70 degree temperatures with flood warnings (because of all the thawing snow) the very next day.

As a parent, March comes with its own set of unique circumstances. The sleds need to stay available at a winter storm warning’s notice, but at the same time all the bike tires need to be inflated and ready for a sunny day bike ride around the neighborhood. (The seats also need to be raised to account for a child’s growth over the winter.)

The month of March also creates a clothing problem. Snow boots, snow suits, heavy coats, mittens, stocking caps and wool socks need to be within reach just as easily as rain coats, t-shirts, flip flips and shorts.

As much as I dislike winter, March is always the turning point for me. I’m hopeful that each snowstorm will be the last of the season.

Fellow parents, if you’re at the end of your rope, and it feels like you and your kids have been trapped in your home all season, the end of winter is near, I promise. Someday soon, it WILL be time to pack away the sleds and all the snow clothes, and start the rituals of spring and summer…time to find the sunscreen and bug spray.

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