5 Effortless Ways to Unclutter Your Jewelry

My mind is like a cluttered jewelry box. I have ideas for jewelry in endless Rolodexes of shapes and colors in my mind. When I begin designing something new the most difficult part is editing those ideas into a cohesive, manageable collection. But I don’t think I am alone.

Is your jewelry collection organized in a manner that makes it easy to put together the perfect enhancements to any outfit?

A Box for Baubles

Here is a box I found for $30 at HomeGoods. I love that this box has compartments which make it easy to separate pieces however it works for you; by color, by metal, by type. The glass top is an added bonus. I need to see what I have or I forget about it.

The drawer are is the perfect size for my Lisa Robin travel bag. I keep two travel bags in service at all time. One lives in my everyday purse (aka tote) and goes to the gym with me. The other is ready to be stocked for travel. The bag has 8 little pockets around the circumference so items can be separated so they don’t scratch.

Love The Bar

Cuffs, bracelets, and watches usually take up space. A bracelet bar, as it is known to jewelry professionals, is something I have seen at discount stores recently, is the perfect solution. Don’t just limit it to wrist wear, this is a great way to hang necklaces as well.

Dish It Out

Perfect for holding the pieces you wear frequently, a charming vintage candy dish on your nightstand or by the sink solves the problem.

Keep the Sparkle

Want to prevent your quality sterling silver jewelry sparkling? Wear it! Sterling silver that is regularly worn rarely needs polishing, a little gentle cleaning, maybe. I use my damp bath towel after a shower to remove lotion, perfume, and other dirt. If the design has little nooks and crannies or gemstones that collect grime, pendants for necklacesjust soak them in some gentle dish soap water. Just a few drops of soap is all you need. Use a soft nail brush if you have some stubborn areas.

Just to be clear, I am speaking of good quality sterling silver, not pieces that are just silver color, or anything that turns your skin a funky color. Often, pendants for necklaces as with many of my pieces, sterling silver will have “oxidation” or blackened accents. It will tarnish over time if not worn, so just pull out one of those ziplock baggies you have in your kitchen and store pieces your not wearing them. Keeping the air away from sterling silver jewelry helps a lot.

If a piece is a high shine piece it may be plated with a coating to protect it from tarnishing. If so, all you need to do is clean as I just suggested.

I have a small trunk that has been an accessory in the family room that I am painting and adding a fresh felt lining to repurpose into a jewelry display piece. I found the pink candy dish at the antique mall. Check your home. I bet you have some pieces that could help organize your jewelry too.

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