The Door Guardian provides a peace of mind that’s priceless in these uncertain times


So my family has been staying home the last several weeks, and certain things have come to my attention. Having my kids at home — all the time — has turned the house into one giant playroom. Aside from the constant messes, there’s been a lot of shuffling between rooms, and my older kids have been going up and down the stairs to the basement, where the art supplies and super-cool toys are stored.

Our basement is unfinished, with a set of open-backed stairs leading into its dungeonous space. We keep power tools and equipment down there; it’s not a place I want my kids hanging out. I’m constantly locking the doorknob in an effort to keep my tiny little toddler from opening the door — but my very smart two-year-old has already figured out how to unlock it. I’m sure you have a space like this in your house, too. How do you keep these dangerous areas off limits to kids?

The Door Guardian.

The Door Guardian provides easy-to-install childproofing products that are both accessible and affordable. Their products can be applied on the front, side, back, garage and balcony doors, with a slim profile you won’t even notice. The locks are simple to install, easy to use, and, most importantly, effective.

Neither my toddler nor my big kids could open The Door Guardian lock! (I was holding Pearl for this photo — none of my kids could reach the lock on their own.)

I’d tried childproofing locks before and they were such a hassle to use that I ultimately ended up abandoning them.The Door Guardian products come with 3M tape, making for a quick, easy and mess-free installation. (You can use The Door Guardian products on wood or metal doors and they offer different finishes so they match your door.)

The Door Guardian is easy to install — simple mount on your door frame using 3M adhesive!

Installing The Door Guardian is a quick, two-step process — simply place the lock near the top of your door frame and secure using the 3M adhesive. Once installed, the lock clicks shut, making it impossible for little hands to open the door. My two year old tried and tried, unsuccessfully, to open the door.

Right now, there’s a pandemic, and we all need stay home. With The Door Guardian, you can make sure your home truly is the safest place to be. As parents, The Door Guardian provides a peace of mind that’s priceless in these uncertain times.

For more information, check out The Door Guardian’s website and Facebook pages.

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