10 Ways to Reuse Plastic Easter Eggs


Easter was a little different this year, as we all stayed home.

Given the grocery situation, most of us probably opted for plastic eggs over the real thing. And that’s a good thing because there are lots of fun activities and crafts you can do to reuse plastic Easter eggs! Make the most of what you have on hand for some fun family crafting

Here are 10 ways to reuse plastic Easter eggs:

1. Edible Egg

Healthy snacks can be fun; it’s all about the container. Pack plastic eggs full of baby carrots, raisins and sunflower seeds for a snack on-the-go.

2. Wacky Wallet

Children love accessories that make them feel like grown-ups. Fill their egg with dollars or change. You can even drill holes and thread a pipe cleaner through the shell to give their wacky wallet a handle.

3. Shell Shaker

Make an egg shaker or maraca by filling a plastic egg with beans or anything that rattles. Decorate the shell with beads and Super Glue or old wrapping paper and Mod Podge. Glue plastic spoons around the shell to make a handle.

4. Little Sprout

A plastic shell can be a great seedling pod. Fill the egg with starting soil and seeds of your choice and watch it grow.

5. Glow Bug

Place a flameless tea light inside your egg, then decorate the shell to make a glow bug night light. Pipe cleaners are great for making legs and wings.

6. Fake Food

If you’re good with a needle and thread sew a sunny side up egg out of felt then stuff it inside your plastic shell. You can even gesso the egg to make the shell white. Your kids will enjoy cracking open the egg and playing chef.

7. Message of Egg-couragement

Slip a secret message inside and send the egg off to school in your child’s lunch box or book bag. Your kids will be surprised to find a special message of encouragement from mom or dad.

8. Egg Head

Decorate your egg and turn it into goofy headgear for dolls and action figures. Use stick on gems, acrylic paint or glitter to glitz up your hat.

9. Chores Over Easy

Make chores easy and fun. Write tasks on slips of paper to put inside the eggs then let your kids pick from a hat, or Easter basket. Or you can turn boring tasks into a scavenger hunt. Put prizes inside the eggs and hide them around the house. Cleaning up becomes a hunt for hidden treasure.

10. Ear Gear

If you’re a hobby jeweler you can break out your needle-nose pliers and earring hooks and start designing. Make some eye catching, statement jewelry.

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