Brickworld Presents Virtual LEGO Expo on April 18

Chicago-based Brickworld is offering a variety of online options to engage, encourage and inspire LEGO fans and their families at home during coronavirus lockdowns, including the Brickworld LEGO Virtual Con, how-to video demonstrations and a Make-A-Wish fundraiser.

The Brickworld LEGO Virtual Con will be held on Saturday, April 18, from 12:00 – 6:00 pm ET. Using ZOOM rooms, participants can show their own creations to others as well as experts, including Boone, Jessica, Sam and Mark, finalists from the “LEGO Masters” TV series. Viewers can also ask questions of participating builders, visit vendors to browse and purchase a variety of products, and join different display rooms, including a Great Ball Contraption (one of the hosts is in Australia), the Jurassic Roller Coaster, a large amusement park with moving rides, a giant transparent castle, some massive spaceships, and Elvendale, the land of elves and dragons, which will include a tutorial on how to build LEGO fish. Families are encouraged to come to the computer with their creations to receive feedback and encouragement.

Tickets to this unique event are only $5 per device and are limited.