Organizing Under the Kitchen Sink

The space under the kitchen sink is often a no-man’s land of miscellaneous items stuffed around plumbing. Make this space work for you by doing a 30 minute fast and furious makeover!

1) EMPTY: take everything out!

2) CLEAN: do a scrub down and put down contact paper. (You will be amazing at the difference this makes!)

3) PURGE: trash any items you don’t use and consolidate half empty bottles. You only need one bottle of each type of cleanser. Store the rest in the garage, basement or other area. Also, relocate items that go elsewhere in the house.

4) SORT: put “like” items together- cleansers, sponges, gloves, soaps, dishtowels, trash bags, etc.

5) ORGANIZE: find an organizing solution that works for you – depending on the size of the space under your sink. Don’t forget to utilize the space on the back of the doors and the walls.

o Some of my favorite organizing solutions include:

• Plastic bins and baskets (rectangular and square) for all your cleansers.

• Pull out drawers and sliding baskets are ideal for sponges and dish rags.

• Command hooks can attach wire racks to cabinet doors or be used to hang smaller items like gloves.

• Over-the-door hanging wire baskets work well frequently used items and trash bags.

• Tension rods are great for hanging spray bottles and freeing up space on the cabinet floor.

• Cabinet shelves can double your storage space.

• Some expandable shelves will even fit around plumbing!

6) ENJOY your fabulous new Kitchen Sink Storage!

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