Organizing a Junk Drawer

Want to get organized but not sure where or how to start? Start small and get big rewards by organizing your Junk Drawer! We all have it – that drawer that holds all the odds and ends we use. Mine is in the kitchen. It holds things like loose change, buttons, take out menus, batteries, pens, etc. Instead of digging around for what you need why not get it organized! This is a fast project – which I love!

Here’s how to do it:

1) Empty it – yes all of it – onto a table or into a bin.

2) Sort through it.

• Throw out the trash – things like dried out pens, dead batteries, expired coupons or old notes.

• Remove items that actually belong somewhere else and put them in a basket to distribute later. For example: business cards that need to go to your office.

• Divide the rest – put “like with like” so that you have several piles of similar items.

• Get drawer dividers – this is the key to happy junk drawer organization. There are many drawer organizers available and some that you can custom size for your particular drawer and needs. Ice cube tray and empty baby food jars or pill bottles work well for little items like buttons and paperclips.

3) Put everything back – but think about usage first. Put items you use most often near the front. Other things can go in the back. Retrieval is key to a functional organized junk drawer.

4) Keep it simple. Only keep what you actually use. If you aren’t sure – put those items in a bag in the cabinet. Anything that is still in the bag after 3 months or so can probably be tossed.

5) Purge often. Have 5 minutes while waiting for dinner? Do a fast sweep of your drawer to keep it updated and clutter free.

Ultimately you want your junk drawer to be a Neat Drawer!

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