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This non-profit “biznistry” is a community café that allows individuals and families to enjoy a meal in a unique “pay it forward” environment. Robert Adamson, Director and Executive Chef of One Bistro, believes his vision for the cafe came from God giving him the heart to reach out to people in need and the talent to provide healthy and affordable meals. Here he talks about how One Bistro began and how it has evolved.

Where did the idea for One Bistro come from?

The idea for One Bistro came out of a God moment of seeing the need for a relatable place where everyone feels welcome. We strive to share love, give hope and provide a sense of community to our neighbors, both the privileged and under-privileged. Through research, we found that a lot of enabling happens and we wanted a place that was a hand up, not a hand out.

How did you choose your locations?

We saw both the cities of Miamisburg and Xenia with a huge need. Our first location was opened in Miamisburg, after realizing the high food insecurity there for children and families. Then we opened a cafe in Xenia because there was a great deal of poverty, drug addiction, homelessness and food insecurity. After the success we’ve had with One Bistro, we believe every city needs a community café.

Your website says customers can “pay it forward.” What do you mean by this? 

Our “pay it forward” concept means customers pay what they can afford. If they are unable to pay, we simply ask them to give time in service as payment for their meal. Some customers are able to pay the full amount and give a little extra, to “pay it forward.” There’s also the option to serve the time for your neighbor to enjoy a meal. This concept allows every person to give back to the community in some fashion.

What kind of food do you serve?

Since our hours are 11 am-2 pm, we serve “bistro fare,” consisting of specialty gourmet burgers, delicious salads and pizza on homemade crust. On Saturdays, we serve brunch, including eggs benedict, pancakes and French toast.

On Wednesday evenings from 5-7 pm, we serve our community meal; service as payment is not required on these evenings. This is a time where all are welcome to come sit around the table and build relationships.

What is the role of the food truck? What types of places do you travel to with the truck?

Our food truck was designed to reach into communities and to develop community awareness of the mission and ministry of One Bistro. The food truck is utilized for outreach opportunities throughout the year, allowing us to “pay it forward” to other ministries. Companies and businesses can also use the food truck for events.

What kind of opportunities do you have for volunteers and families?

Volunteers are the heart behind our mission. To keep the café up and running, we need volunteers every day in a variety of roles. Volunteers can provide a meal for themselves and their families, or they can volunteer as staff and assist in providing meals to those in need. Volunteers are also needed to serve our community meal on Wednesday evenings. We gladly welcome all volunteers, no matter the experience or age; there is a place for all gifts and talents. We love when individuals, groups and families come together to serve our community.

For more information about One Bistro or to find opportunities to serve, visit

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