12 Fun Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Kids

Valentine’s Day Fun!

Valentine’s Day is not only for husbands/wives/boyfriends/girlfriends but for all loved ones.  We want to spread the love in as many ways that we can and most often it starts with our immediate family and then hopefully trickles down to others. 

Here are some fun ways to celebrate the month of love…

1.       Let the kids fold red/pink/white construction paper in half and then make lots and lots of hearts to hang throughout the home to decorate.

2.       Use those hearts to let kiddos draw pics and write messages on and then leave on the neighbors porches.

3.       Moms and dads- make your own hearts and write special messages like “you are so funny” or I love your kindness” and hang on their door each morning with tape as a surprise.

4.       Leave a love message in their school folder.

5.       Have your kids use their fingers to draw hearts in the dirt/salt/snow residue on daddy’s car (keep in mind this might leave a mark but it is still cute for a minute).

6.       If it snows- fill a water bottle or squirt bottle with water and red food dye to make hearts in the snow. 

7.       Let the kids make heart shaped sugar cookies and have fun decorating for their teacher, bus driver, mailman, etc.

8.       Make pancakes with red food dye and then cut in the shape of a heart or use a heart cookie cutter.  Add whipped cream of course and maybe even some strawberries or chocolate chips!

9.       Take pics of them making a heart with their hands and then frame and give to daddy.

10.   Have a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt and have them search for hearts throughout home or anything pink/red.

11.   Do a mushy love movie marathon (think Lady and the Tramp), serve sparkling juice and miniature cupcakes.

12.   Let them create something they “love” out of Legos.

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