New Year – New You!

The ten most popular New Year’s Resolutions according to

1. Spend more time with family and friends

2. Start exercising

3. Lose weight

4. Quit smoking

5. Enjoy life more

6. Quit drinking

7. Get out of debt

8. Learn something new

9. Help others


These are ALL great resolutions! However, none of them are very tangible. And if it isn’t tangible, it isn’t likely to come to fruition. These resolutions are very conceptual ideas that may, or may not, be conceived over time. The alternative? Make specific and direct resolutions with clear objectives that will bring actual results and keep you motivated.

Getting Organized is a very reasonable goal. But it is not specific enough. Do you want to clear the household clutter so you are not horrified when guests stop over to visit? Or do you want to restructure your office so you can be more productive? Write down your general goal, or goals, then get specific by adding the exact outcomes you want to attain. Make your goals specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. Make a checklist so you can see your progress. Take before and after pictures for motivation and set up an organizational system to maintain your goals long after you achieve them.

For example, if your resolution is to Organize Your House, you could make a goal each week:

• Week 1: Clean kitchen cabinets

• Week 2: Clean hall closet

• Week 3: Go through medicine cabinet

• Week 4: Organize kids toys… etc.

Or, you could make a goal each month:

• January: Kitchen,

• February: Master Bedroom

• March: Bathrooms

• April: Garage… etc.

For each goal follow these decluttering steps:

1. Clear out the area

2. Sort into piles: keep, donate, sell, trash, put somewhere else

3. Replace “keep” items

4. Label if necessary

Need help deciding what to keep? Ask yourself these questions:

• Do I use it regularly?

• Do I love it?

• Am I keeping it out of obligation?

• Am I saving it ‘just in case’?

• Do I have multiples of the same thing?

• Could something else do the same job?

• Is it broken?

• Is it worth the time it takes to clean or store it?

• Could I use the space for something else?

• Would I take it with me if I moved?

This process will get faster and easier over time. Seeing results and actually reaching your attainable goals will help keep you motivated to continue. And THAT is a resolution worth making!

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