Make a Household Binder

Peace of Mind. I love those three little words. Paperwork and personal information is not always easy to find – especially when you need it right away. That is why I highly recommend a Household Binder. Also called a Life Binder, Family Emergency Binder, Home Management Binder or a Home Keeper, this one-stop organizer will save you valuable time and money for the rest of your life.

Not just for financial organization or emergency preparedness, a Household Binder keeps ALL your important family information together. It is an invaluable way to have everything at your fingertips – whatever twists and turns life may bring.

Organizing all this information may seem like a difficult task, but take it one step at a time and do one category a week. You will have it completed in no time!

Customize your binder to fit your family and needs. Instead of one big binder you may choose to make a smaller binder for each category. Do what makes sense to you! There are LOTS of templates and printables online to get you started – or you can make your own. You can also purchase a Prepared Binder (check out

Here are a few items you will need when creating your binder:

• Large, Sturdy Binder or Several Small Binders

• Clear Sheet protectors

• Business Card or Baseball Card Holders

• Labels

• Tabbed Dividers

• Peel and Stick Tabs

• Sticky Notes

• Pocket Folders

• Markers

• 3 Ring Hole Punch





• Birth Certificates

• Passports / Visas

• Child / Adult / Pet ID Kits

• Membership Cards

• Military Records

• Voter Registration

• Social Security cards and Information

• Immigration Papers


• Birth and Death Certificates

• Health and Immunization Records

• Dental Records

• Prescriptions

• Living Will


• Marriage Certificate and License

• Divorce Settlements

• Adoption & Custody Papers

• Last Will and Testaments

• Estate Planning

• Court Documents

• Contracts

• Inheritance Records

• Power of Attorney Trust Information

• Deeds and Titles


• Baptismal Records

• Church Records and Certificates

• Memorial Plans


• Banking Information

• Stocks and Bonds

• 401K and Mutual Funds Information

• Investments

• Retirement Plan

• Social Security Information

• Bills

• Utilities Information

• Receipts

• Government Benefits

• Credit Cards

• Bank Cards

• Copies of Credit Cards – front and back

• Account Passwords

• Checking and Savings Account Information

• Debt Information

• Credit Reports

• Tax Returns


• Loan and Lease Agreements

• Titles

• Bill of Sales

• License Plates and VIN #s

• Registrations

• Insurance Policy and Agent information

• Repair Records

• Warranty Information


• Real Estate Records

• Loan information

• Titles and Deeds

• Mortgage Records

• Re-finance Records

• Property Tax Information

• Home Security Contact Information and Codes

• Homeowners Insurance Policy

• Inventory of Your Home – update annually

• Home Repairs / Improvement Records


• Resume

• Business Licenses and Insurance

• Benefit Records

• Contact Information

• Contracts

• Records

• Paycheck Stubs


• Policies and Agent Information:

o Life

o Health

o Auto

o Renters

• Warranties

• Medicare and Medicaid Information


• Student Loan Information

• Diplomas

• Records and Transcripts


• Backup of Computer Files

• Secured Online Sites and Passwords

• Evacuation and Emergency Plan of Action

• Genealogy Records

• Safe Combinations

• Safety Deposit Box information and Contact

• Serial Numbers of Valuable Items

• Firearm Licenses and Serial Numbers

• Extra Set of Keys

• Emergency Contact Information: addresses and phone numbers

• Special Contact Information: addresses and phone numbers

You may be concerned about the risk of having so much personal information together in one place. Like most things – you have to weigh the risks. If it makes you uncomfortable – don’t do it. I keep my Household Binder in a very secure location. I recommend a waterproof, fireproof locked box. I feel very safe and comfortable knowing all my important family documents are together.

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