Smart Manual: How to Control My Teenager’s Cell Phone

Smart Manual How to Control My Teenager's Cell Phone

An app to control your teenager’s cell phone would be a dream for all parents, right? But it seems far removed from reality and sounds like a good fictional movie, right?

Wrong. There are already apps that can control a teenager remotely, or at least show parents everything about their children.

Better news than that? Today you’ll get to know it first hand.

Why do You Need to Know How to Control a Teenager’s Cell Phone?

Why do you need to know how to control a teenager's cell phone

If you’ve read our introduction but don’t understand the reasons why you should learn how to control a teenager, we have news that won’t be easy to digest.

According to a study released by the Government of Amapá, 78% of young people have a cell phone and the rate of online violence (sexual or otherwise) against this age group is growing at an almost double-digit rate in Brazil, year on year.

And there are more reasons:

  • Bullying among schoolmates
  •  Common lies about where they are
  •  Sexual predators
  •  Hidden drug use
  •  Relationships with suspicious people

And much more. All of this, unfortunately, happens via the internet, i.e. from a cell phone. Many parents are unaware of this and by the time they realize it, it’s too late to prevent a tragedy.

But not you. Let’s get to know Eyezy: your app for monitoring your teenager’s cell phone.

How Can Eyezy Help You Monitor a Teenager?

Eyezy is a powerful tool that can be a valuable ally for parents concerned about protecting their children in the ever-evolving digital world It permits you to see someone’s activity on facebook and much more to help you control your child´s phone.

Here are some ways in which Eyezy can control a teenager’s cell phone:

  • Message monitoring: Eyezy allows parents to track text messages and chats on messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. This helps parents identify possible threats and inappropriate behavior.
  • Location tracking: With the real-time location tracking feature, parents can know where their children are at any time. This is especially useful for ensuring that they are safe and haven’t ventured into dangerous areas.
  • Application control: Parents can see which apps are installed on their children’s devices and even block or uninstall inappropriate apps.
  • Blocking dangerous apps: Eyezy allows parents to block the download of potentially dangerous apps, helping to prevent their children from having harmful experiences.

Now, if you want a human approach to complement the use of technology, we have some suggestions.

Complementary Approaches to Protecting Your Child

Complementary approaches to protecting your child

Eyezy is the best parental control app. There are some simple but powerful techniques that you can try out in combination with technology, in order to be even more secure about your child’s online activities.

These include

  • Talk to your child: Young people can be difficult at times, but there’s no better way to make sure they don’t get into trouble than to become your child’s friend and confidant. Earn his friendship and trust so that there are no secrets between you.
  • Pay attention to their behavior off the cell phone: a young person who is unwell will reproduce this stress in their day-to-day behavior, withdrawing, eating badly, keeping quiet and so on. If you notice abrupt changes in behavior, it’s time to intervene.
  • Seek professional help: in some cases, therapy can help both the young person and you. In this way, you can get to know each other better and strengthen the bonds of friendship, complicity, partnership and love.

In summary, Eyezy offers a comprehensive set of features that can enable parents to protect their children in the digital world, providing valuable insights into how to control their teenager’s cell phone and their safety.

But technology can rely on other human means to deliver even better results.

Our Conclusion

In a digital world full of challenges, Eyezy stands out as an essential tool for parents.
With its comprehensive feature set, it offers the peace of mind to protect and guide children on their online journeys, ensuring that they browse safely.

Combine Eyezy with the techniques we’ve mentioned and protect your children from virtual dangers.

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