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As a parent you probably have a pretty good guess about what your teenager would name as his or her favorite food, color, entertainer or TV show. When it comes to more in depth topics however, do you have a sense of what’s going on in their world? See if you can answer these questions regarding your child. If you get stumped, use them as conversation starters next time you’re together!

What is your teen most proud of?

What does he or she worry about?

Would your child change anything about their physical appearance if they could? Or their personality?

Does your teen have a habit he or she is trying to break or start?

What would they consider to be the best compliment they could receive?

Does he or she have a favorite family tradition?

Is there anyone your child really dislikes at school or has a problem with?

Does your teen have a best friend?

What quality does he or she think is most important in a friendship?

What is your teen’s biggest fear?

Does he or she have a pet peeve?

What relative do they like the most? Least?

What would they say their favorite vacation was?

What does your teen find embarrassing?

When was the last time he or she cried?

What is your child’s favorite class at school? Least favorite?

If they had to pick a job or career right now, what would it be?

What would your child consider to be the worst punishment you ever gave them?

Does your teen have a celebrity crush? Or a crush on someone at school?

What would be your teen’s favorite way to spend a free day?

What movie can he or she quote word for word?

What causes or social issues are important to your teen?

How Well Does Your Teen Really Know You?

You may be surprised by what your kids don’t know about you – and how interested they are in the subject. How many of these subjects have you shared with your child?

What your first job was

What the town you grew up in was like

Something that scared you when you were younger

Who you consider to be lifelong friends

What your personality was like as a child or teenager

How you met their other parent

The music or bands you grew up listening to

What your college major was

The basics of what you do for a living

Who you voted for in the last election

Why you chose their name and what other names you considered

What you worry about regarding them, and what your hopes are for them

What makes you proud to be their parent

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