Free PlayIT

This past week I learned about a local play group called Free PlayIT. Knowing almost nothing about the group, I decided to take my 20 month old to try it out!


What initially drew my attention was the fact that the group was FREE and it looked like a great atmosphere to meet other local moms and kids! According to the founder Amy Kronberg, “At FreePlayIT, we believe that play should be free-flowing and open-ended. Play with your child, age six months to three years, does not need to involve expensive toys or tools. Our aim is to offer a safe play environment for young children, and inspire you to continue your play at home. Focusing on relationships, creativity, and problem-solving, we hope to support your child’s social-emotional, cognitive, and physical development with materials found in your home, at low cost, and easily available. Let’s play!”

I am sure all parents have thought the same thing at one time or another: “My child would rather play with a $1 tissue box than the thousands of dollars of toys in the playroom!”. That is what I love about the Free PlayIT concept, Amy the owner provides so many great activities that can be replicated in your home with minimal financial investment. The children in the group were playing with Ziploc bags filled with paint taped to a wall…and they LOVED IT! I truly enjoyed seeing my little one explore with other kids her own age in a safe environment.

Free PlayIT play groups are offered every Wednesday and they are completely FREE! Classes are from 10-10:45am at the Northwest Branch of Dayton Metro Library and recommended for children ages 3 and under. For more information and to view some additional resources check out their website and Facebook page!



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