Adventure Reef Water Park

Looking for a summer attraction that is fun for ALL AGES? Look no further, Adventure Reef Water Park has something for everyone! 


My sister and I LOVED Adventure Reef Water Park as kids, and I think it’s safe to say that my daughter feels the same way 20 years later! 🙂 It is no exaggeration that my daughter let out a SQUEAL when she saw all of the great attractions at the water park!

We started out in the splash pad area, which was the perfect way to ease her into the rest of the park. The splash pad had aquatic animal fountains, interactive components and more. This is a perfect area for little ones or children with special needs. For kiddos looking to get even MORE WET – there are several great attractions throughout the park.

The main pool has a great activity center where kids can climb up and slide down! This was also great for kids of all ages! My daughter is just shy of two but she was able to wade out to the activity center and slide down (with mom’s help).  Beyond this pool there are even BIGGER and TALLER slides for adults and your thrill-seeking kids! There are some height minimums for certain attractions, so keep this in mind!

Lastly, for parents with kids under 6 there is a perfect toddler pool area called Clownfish Cove. This pool is equipped with two miniature slides and water levels low enough for tots to waddle around in. Plus a miniature mushroom fountain and some additional water features. We had such a great time exploring all of the areas of Adventure Reef Park and I am confident your family will too! 

Adventure Reef Water Park is located at 2900 Glengarry Drive in Kettering. For more information on admission fees and hours of operation visit their website.

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