Playground42: Dayton’s First Indoor Playground, Workout & Co-Working Space

Playground42: Dayton's First Indoor Playground

🌟 Exciting News for Dayton Families! 🌟

More than an indoor playground, Dayton is getting a comprehensive solution for modern parenthood; a unique, family-centric space designed by parents for parents. With Montessori-inspired play, co-working and workout spaces, this woman and veteran-owned establishment is laying down roots to change the way parents approach productivity.

Currently projected to open late 2024, you can still find Playground42 at various local events this summer where they will offer free play for kids to showcase some of the play furniture the facility will house. They will regularly update their whereabouts at

Plus, help make it happen! Playground42 crowdfunding to bring this dream to life and offset startup costs. Time limited, these contributions go towards tiered perks, such as free day passes and memberships once they open their doors. Plus, by supporting them you can be a part of something truly special. Their crowdfunding campaign can be found at

Visit for more details and to join a growing community that will help shape this home away from home for local families.

🌟 Designed by Parents for Parents 🌟

Wilson family - Kayla, Jake, and little Wyatt

Meet the Wilson family – Kayla, Jake, and little Wyatt – the driving force behind Playground42.

Kayla, the founder, has a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Ever hungry for more education, she is currently pursuing her master’s in instructional design & technology. Before Kayla landed in Dayton, she served in the US Air Force for 8 years as a mental health counselor and moved around the US providing care to service members with mental health disorders and substance/alcohol disorders. Wanting to make more of an impact, Kayla and Jake went on to become foster parents and realized what an incredible feeling it was to have a direct hand in helping make kids’ lives better. When Kayla and Jake had their son in 2022, Kayla and Jake made the tough decision to have Kayla leave the military so they could stay rooted in Dayton long-term.

Now, as work-from-home parents with the desire to bypass daycare (not to mention the shortage of availability in our area), Kayla and Jake conducted an extensive search for a local indoor play studio where parents could work, exercise, unwind, or otherwise be productive while maintaining safe, controlled, direct supervised play over kids. After an exhaustive search for a local indoor play area that checks all these boxes, Kayla and Jake realized there was a notable gap in the community.

So, recognizing a distinct need in our community, Kayla decided to move forward with founding Playground42 with the support of her family. Playground42 is woman-owned and veteran-owned and isn’t just a business venture – it’s a vital solution for so many caregivers. This is a passion project, and the Wilsons are so thrilled to be able to share it with you and the rest of our community.

With your support, we can create a comfortable, high-quality, optimal, and versatile space where families can work, play, and connect.

🌟 Amenities 🌟

Amenities you can expect to see at Playground42 include:

  • Montessori-Inspired Fine & Gross-Motor Playground Equipment, Toys, Board Games, Books & More
  • Separate, but Equally Visible Play Areas for Toddlers (Ages 0-2) and Older Kids (Ages 0-7)
  • Work Areas for Adults
  • Light Workout Equipment for Adults
  • Bring your own Snacks, Drinks, and Whatever you Need to Work, Workout or Relax while your Littles Play
  • Snacks and Drinks for Purchase
  • Free Coffee
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Daily Drop-in or Quarterly/Annual Memberships at Very Affordable Rates so you can Enjoy the Space on your Budget (Adults are FREE)
  • Party Rentals – You Reserve the WHOLE Facility!
  • Awesome Perks for Members such as Extended Hours Access!
  • Play Dates, Holiday Events, Partnerships, and Numerous other Events!
  • Occasional Free-Entry Days!
  • Comfortable Seating
  • Safe & Secure Entry and 24/7 Video Surveillance
  • Parents can Nurse babies Anywhere of Course, but Playground42 is also Planning to Implement a Private Nursing Area for Parents that Prefer Some Privacy
  • Safety, Inclusivity, and Self-Care are Prioritized
  • Strong Sense of Community
  • Plus, Playground42 want YOU to Give Input and Help Shape & Optimize the Space
  • & More!

🌟 Connect with Playground42 🌟

  • Learn more at where you can:
    • Subscribe to Updates
    • View Upcoming Events
    • Join a Community Forum Where You Can:
      • Plan Events & Play Dates
      • Give Input on the Facility & What You’d Like to See
      • Ask Questions
      • & More!
    • Social Media Pages:
  • Whether it is suggestions, potential partnerships, to reach out about donating items, or anything else, please email Playground42 at: