Design that Sells in Dayton

As a real estate agent who sells a lot of properties, I often have to wear my interior designer cap. Here are some of the design elements that I see on the streets that make a property super desirable.



Grey is the new beige. If you’re going to paint as part of your prep to sell, don’t pick anything brown.

White, white, white. Wood is a fantastic product for making cabinetry and trim, but today’s buyers don’t want to see that 1990s wood grain everywhere. They like white.

Mixed materials and farmhouse style. Think driftwood, metallics and a pop of color. You know how Joanna Gaines will mix old pieces with brand-new, shiny materials? It works when done with some thought.

Solid surface flooring. Think luxury vinyl plank. It’s water resistant, inexpensive and easy for your vacuum to sail across. What more do you want? If I never see carpet in a kitchen or bathroom again, I’ll die happy.

Painted brick. Somewhere, your grandmother is gasping in horror. If you have a red or orangey brick fireplace, you can easily whitewash it with a solution of half paint to half water. It’s a quick, cheap project that translates to dollar signs.

Change out the lighting. If you have a house built by a “big-box” builder, changing out a couple of those cheap stock light fixtures will make a world of difference. This is one of those little investments that will pay for itself a few times over!

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