Benefits of Year-Round Swimming

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Enrolling children in swimming lessons is an investment in peace of mind. Learning to swim is a life skill that helps keep children safe, strong, and healthy throughout life. Did you enroll your child into lessons this summer? Did you know continuing lessons throughout the school year could actually help him or her do better in school? Studies have shown a link between exercise and high academic achievement.

While any ongoing physical activity will reap academic benefits, swimming lessons are one of the very best choices, why?
 Swimming is a highly effective form of exercise, working all of the major muscle groups while building endurance, strength, and flexibility
 Indoor swimming in the warm, moist air can be particularly helpful for those with asthma and leads to increased lung volume, important for all children
 It’s a year-round activity at Aqua- Tots Swim Schools where knowledgeable staff, a clean facility and heated pool make swimming a sport for all seasons

For little ones 4 months and up, Aqua-Tots offers Parent and Tot classes providing a great way for moms and dads to bond with little ones while also learning skills to practice away from Aqua-Tots. Preschoolers benefit from year-round lessons as well. While it’s great to use January – May to get ready for outdoor water recreation, children exposed to lessons throughout the year will retain those safe swimming skills and be better prepared for outdoor water fun regardless of the time of year. Plus, children who start swimming lessons at a young age show improved fine motor skill development.

Give your little ones a great head start and keep your big ones on the right path by enrolling in swim lessons today! Visit or call 937-886-4321 to enroll.

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