Amusement Park Tickets for Less

Amusement parks are a great and exciting way to have some family fun, but sometimes the outrageous prices drive people away!  Spending a day with the family at thrilling parks shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg, especially when most of the day will be spent in line.  Use this guide to plan an enjoyable and affordable trip to an amusement park near you!

Kings Island–  Buy tickets at most Krogers for $34.95 or online at the King’s Island Website for $44.99.  Weekday tickets online are three dollars less.

Cedar Point–  Save 16 dollars when you buy the Weekday Saver online or 18 dollars per ticket when you buy a four pack!  Regular tickets an also be found online or at select Meijer stores for $49.99, twelve dollars less than at-the-door tickets.

Indiana Beach– Purchase Funday Passes here and save $2!  Also pay only $3.50, instead of a ticket, if you plan on watching only!

Holiday World Splashin’ Safari–  Save money here by purchasing tickets at select Krogers, for a discount of eight dollars, or on their website for a discount of four dollars!

Kentucky Kingdom–  Save ten dollars on general admission by purchasing tickets online!

Coney Island– Purchase tickets online and save four dollars!  Come to the park after 4pm and save ten dollars!  Tickets are also available for a discounted price at select Krogers!


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