Organizing Pots and Pans

Whether you rack ‘em or stack ‘em, organizing Pots and Pans (and Lids!) can be challenging. Here are some great products and tips to get your Pots and Pans under control.

Cabinet Storage:

Consider installing sliding shelf organizers for easy access.

Use a tension rod or mount a bar inside the cabinet and hang pans with S hooks.

For deep drawers, stack pots and pans using padded pot and pan protectors or grip shelf liners between each one to protect them.

Glidewear are hanging pot racks that attach to the top of your cabinet and roll out for easy access.

Adjustable bakeware organizers and cookie sheet organizers work well in

The Pantree is a perfect vertical storage stacking solution for tall cabinets.



If you have a deep drawer, use a “filing system” method with the help of tension rods, wooden dividers or any vertical slotted organizing rack.


Overhead Storage: (Saves valuable cabinet space!)

Hang above the stove or kitchen island.

You can purchase a rack for this purpose or make your own from a wire shelf, industrial piping or vintage ladder with chains and S hooks. (Pinterest has some great ideas!)


Vertical Storage:

Hang from S hooks on a steel bar mounted onto the wall or the side of a kitchen cabinet.

Hang them on an enameled steel pegboard or metal grate mounted to the wall.

Hang from a bar mounted between kitchen shelving.

Hang from a high shelf using hooks.

Hang on a towel rack mounted onto the wall or side of a cabinet.

Hang a pot rack vertically on the wall instead of overhead.



Purchase a lid organizer or cabinet door lid rack to keep your lids together.

Use towel racks or Command Hooks to hand lids inside cabinet doors or on the wall.

The “filing system” method works great with lids in drawers too!


Looking for specific products or ideas to organize your pots and pans? Give us a call! 937-672-7567 or check out our “Organizing the Kitchen” Pinterest Board!

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