52 Weeks of Organizing Challenge

anuary is National Get Organized Month! Organizing is a constant process, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. By tackling one area each week you can get your whole house organized in 2015! Our 52 Weeks of Organizing Challenge will help you to do just that! Each week we will discuss one area to organize and tell you how to do it. Share your before and after photos and you may win a great organizing prize!

Week 1: Junk Drawer

Week 2: Utensil Drawer

Week 3: Pantry

Week 4: Under the Kitchen Sink

Week 5: Pots and Pans

Week 6: Dishes, Cups and Bowls

Week 7: Coffee Station

Week 8: Refrigerator

Week 9: Snacks

Week 10: Spices

Week 11: Office Drawer

Week 12: Office Desk

Week 13: Kids Desk

Week 14: Kids Room

Week 15: Kids Toys

Week 16: Hall Closet

Week 17: Shoe Closet

Week 18: Mud Room

Week 19: Health Care / First Aid

Week 20: Dresser Drawers

Week 21: Nightstand

Week 22: TV Cabinet (DVDs CDs Remotes)

Week 23: Closet Shelves

Week 24: Small Items

Week 25: Jewelry

Week 26: Makeup

Week 27: Medicine and Vitamins

Week 28: Under the Bathroom Sink

Week 29: Bathroom – General

Week 30: Playroom

Week 31: Student Organization

Week 32: Craft Room

Week 33: Crafts and Hobbies

Week 34: Scrapbook Supplies

Week 35: Bath Toys

Week 36: Laundry Supplies

Week 37: Laundry – General

Week 38: Garage Tools

Week 39: Garage Shelves

Week 40: Garage – General

Week 41: Basement

Week 42: Recycling

Week 43: Car

Week 44: Car Kits for Kids

Week 45: Recipes

Week 46: Entry Way

Week 47: Diaper Bag

Week 48: Wardrobe / Shop in your own closet

Week 49: Supply Closet

Week 50: Pets

Week 51: Sports Equipment

Week 52: Home Command Center

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