12 Fun Stress Relief Ideas for the Whole Family


Does your family need a break? Between work, school, and extracurriculars, sometimes it feels like life is moving full-speed ahead without a chance to catch your breath. That stress not only affects your personal mental health, it also impacts your family dynamic when everyone is on edge. Rather than letting stress get to you, take time out to destress and reconnect with one of these fun family activities.

Unwinding with young children

Finding time to destress is tough when you’re the parent of young kids who rely on you for everything. However, you don’t have to book a sitter for a chance to unwind!

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Fun activities for families with older kids

Tweens and teens can be tough to connect with, but setting aside time to relax and have fun together is a great way to encourage your teen to open up.

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Stress relief for parents

Do you need a chance to decompress away from the kids? There’s nothing wrong with needing me-time as a parent! Here are some fun ways to get it:

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Stress in the home is contagious. Rather than letting stress create tension and frustration in the family, take time out to fight stress together. Whether you need me-time as the parent of a new baby or are searching for a way to connect with your teen, these ideas are too fun to skip!


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