Worth the Drive: Reds Hall of Fame and Museum

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Some of my favorite childhood memories are when my dad coached my t-ball team. I was 6, it was a co-ed team wherein I was the only girl, and I relished the bonding time with my dad.

My husband has similar stories about his dad; and, in fact, baseball was a comforting constant throughout his entire childhood. Cincinnati is a baseball city (sorry, Bengals), and we want to encourage a love for the game in our kids. Baseball is more than just a game; it’s an experience. And Cincinnati’s contributions to America’s past time are something to be celebrated! While the season runs from April to October, you can enjoy baseball year-round at The Reds Hall of Fame and Museum. Dayton readers: this museum is absolutely worth the drive!

This museum is great for fans of any age — my two-year-old loved it just as much as his grandpa. Adults will enjoy reading about Pete Rose, the Red Stockings, Big Red Machine and Nasty Boys — the Pete Rose Wall is stunning and beautifully lit. It really puts into perspective how much 4,256 baseballs (the number of hits in Rose’s career) actually is. However, kids need to experience their museum, and there are lots of interactive elements at the Hall of Fame Museum that make it extremely kid friendly.

My kids love dressing up, and the Kids Clubhouse was a huge hit (pun intended). They tried on batting helmets and jerseys, held bats and pretended to be members of the team. You can even have your kid pose for their own “baseball card,” which you can purchase as well.

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The Strike Zone was another fan favorite (I’m hitting a home run with these puns!) — both Daddy and Grandpa got into seeing how fast they could throw. {Spoiler alert: neither of them should quit their day jobs.}

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There’s also an area to play catcher, a mini playground where kids can climb, slide and sit in giant catcher’s mitts, and a sportscaster booth, where you can do your best Marty by giving the play-by-play for a real game.

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The Ultimate Reds Room was a total fan cave; and everyone in my party settled in to watch old Reds games in Riverfront seats. (Fun fact: I watched the implosion of Riverfront with one of my best friends in 2002. It’s something I’ll never forget.)

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As you enter the museum, there’s a main exhibit room with a featured exhibit. Sadly, Bobbleheads recently came to a close — but there’s a really amazing new exhibit coming in March. Stay tuned for more details!

Reds Opening Day is April 3, and the season runs through September (or October, as any die-hard Reds fan will hope). The Reds Hall of Fame Museum is open year-round, however; so you can get your baseball fix even in the off season. Given Cincinnati’s proud history as a baseball town, the Reds Hall of Fame Museum is a piece of history every Ohio kid and parent needs to visit.

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