Pets!  Dogs, cats, guinea pigs, bunnies, lizards, hedgehogs, piggies, chinchillas, fish, hamsters…  whichever pet (or in my case pets!) you have, it is so easy and simple to keep their stuff organized.  And pets come with a LOT of stuff:  cages, food, treats, beds, litter, brushes, cleaning supplies, medications, toys, leashes, collars…  the list goes on!Like anything you organize, the first step is to gather ALL pet related items together.  Then sort like-with-like:  food items, toys, pet care (shampoo, medications, brushes, trimmers), litter & cage supplies, etc.  Throw away any items that are outdate, expired or damaged.  Next, find a “home” for each.

I put all the dog toys in a bin that the dogs can easily get to.  I limit these toys and replace them when they get old or destroyed.  All the dog items I use often (treats and cleaning supplies for muddy paws or accidents) I keep in a binbasket on top of their cage for easy access.  I use a feeder for the dry cat food and store wet food and extra dry food on a shelf above it.  Litter box supplies are stored in a small round basket I attached to a rod in a closet right above the litter boxes.  Leashes are hung in the coat closet.  Add Command Hooks next to the door for SUPER easy access to leashes.

Use Pet File or Pet Binder to store all their vital information and vet visits.  I also have a Pet Cabinet in the pantry where I keep extra toys, treat, and other less frequently used items like first aid and medication. (each in individual bins).  This system can be applied to any pet you may have.Keep food close to the feeding area since you use it every day.  Things you don’t use as often can be stored in a supply closet or drawer.  A Pocket Organizer works really well for pet supplies too!  Place a small animal cage on a cube storage system in which you can stash all the pet’s stuff.  All Pet Grooming Supplies such as shampoo, nail trimmers, ear cleaner, are in their own box – this makes it easy for myself or one of the kiddos to grab it and pamper the pet!

Get creative!  An old dresser or the side of a kitchen island can be turned into a Pet Station.

If you are looking for more GREAT Pet Organization Tips and Ideas, check out our Organizing for Pets Pinterest Board.

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