Work Hard, Play Hard

Work Hard, Play Hard… That is my motto these days and it seems to be effective in many different areas of my life. When my career with my last company that I was with for 13 years came to a fork in the road I worked hard to find the right fit for not only me but my family as well. I was used to just working hard. Now I want (and need) a combination of both. I quickly found the right path and it led me to becoming the Associate Publisher of Dayton Parent. Another time this motto rang true was during the photo shoot for possible cover shots. This magazine is my new passion so of course I had to put my babies on my first cover! Well, initially my girls, Abby and Ellie, were so excited that they were going to be famous but quickly they learned that modeling is hard work. We did a full day split into two sessions. After a while it took some bribing (hey- desperate measures require desperate tactics in my home). I needed to get my 5 year old to focus and calm down and my 4 year old to perk up and smile. They have complete opposite personalities as many other families can sympathize or rejoice with. I threw out the “if you give us 10 good shots, I will take you to Chuck E Cheese!” It worked. We got what we needed and then enjoyed our hard work efforts with some play. Overall it was a fun day and a memorable experience. I have had so much fun learning more and more about our great city of Dayton and can promise you that as long as my children continue to work hard (school, sports, music, etc.) then they will get to play hard as well. And the same with mommy! Isn’t that really what life is all about? Balance and making memories. Special thanks goes out to Mary Cox for allowing me to help bring Dayton Parent to our city and to my family for helping set me on the right path. I hope you enjoy the magazine!

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