The Road Less Traveled- Dayton!

Hi! My name is Katy Mark and I am with Dayton Parent Magazine. This is something that I am saying very often these days and find myself very proud to say at the same time. As with all new ventures comes new and exciting experiences, challenges, learning curves, and memories. I had been with my last company for 13 years and when it came to a fork in the road- I chose the road less traveled. I thought about my passions and topping that list was my family. This made me think of the many things I had done over the years with my little ones and Cincinnati Parent Magazine seemed to always be there from free tickets that I won to local museums to searching through the pages for birthday party ideas to looking to other moms for advice on milestones or even what to do when noodles were coming out of my 18 month old’s nose! I started thinking about my own town of Dayton and realized we have so many cool things going on but even I was unaware of what all there was to do and the resources we had right here in our own backyard. My girls are now 4 and 6 and we are still just at the very beginning of some major milestones and fun ahead of us. I am excited and honored to help bring Dayton Parent to our city, to bring the awareness of great businesses and programs to our families and most important to bring the families back out to enjoy Dayton while creating a positive light on our awesome hometown. I hope you enjoy Dayton Parent Magazine. I know that I have enjoyed taking the road less traveled thus far.

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