Use Shower Curtain Hangers to Organize Your Space

Who knew something as simple as shower curtain hooks could change your life? From the kitchen to the closet, shower curtain hooks can be used for a wide variety of creative storage options. To get started you will need shower curtain hooks and a rod. Get creative with clothes racks, wire racks, tension rods, over the door towel racks, towel bars, or make your own with a dowel rod and Command hooks. It’s that easy!

In the kitchen use a tension rod and hooks to get more counter space. Hang decorative baskets for spices, flatware, kitchen tools, kitchen towels, snacks or produce. Tension rods can also be used in cupboards to separate pots and pans. Have a wire rack? Attach shower curtain hooks to the rack to hang a variety of items, including kitchen towels.

Shower curtain hooks in the closet and bedroom are a necessity! Use them to hang purses, ties, scarves, ball caps, necklaces and bracelets, flip flops, small bags and backpacks, gift bags, even tank tops! They can also be used for hanging baskets that can then be filled with batteries, sunscreen, makeup or first aid items. Place a tension rod in a window and use shower curtain hooks to hang pretty jewelry – functional and decorative!

Shower curtain rods in the bathroom are not only for the shower curtain. They can be used for loofas and wet swim suits, bath toys and towels. Use several hooks to hang baskets from an over the door towel rack to stash items such as makeup, hair accessories or toiletries.

Need extra space in a game room or playroom? Use an over the door towel rack to hang earphones, game controllers, backpacks, toys and dress up clothes. Hanging baskets will get game clutter and toys off the floor. Looking for a lot of extra space? Instead of toy boxes taking up play space on the floor, line up several rods along a wall at different levels. The great thing about this is you can customize it for your specific needs.

Even garage and basement storage can benefit from shower hooks. Use them to get garden tools out of the way. Hang a shower rack or basket from a hook to store spray paint cans, oil and cleaning supplies. Small buckets can store nuts, bolts, nails and screws. Look “up” for unused space and hang rods from the garage ceiling!

Whether you are looking to organize, decorate, consolidate or just clean up, shower hooks are an inexpensive way to get it done. Use your imagination to create new organizing space in your house!

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