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Thank you for taking the time to stop by my blog! My name is Lindsey Light, and I’m an almost-thirty-year-old (excuse my sobbing) single mom living in the Dayton area.  In addition to the mommy gig, I am also a Lecturer in Composition at the University of Dayton.  Both of my jobs are extremely rewarding and (sometimes) very challenging.

I first became a mom four years ago with the arrival of my son, Deacon.  Twenty-two months later, my daughter, Nora, came along.  Both of my children are full of life, hilarious, and redheaded! I’ve never wanted anything as badly as I wanted to be a mom, and I must say, it has exceeded my highest expectations.  

Watching my children grow and develop their own personalities, interests, and styles has been quite the journey.  My son and daughter are nothing alike, and I often philosophize on why exactly that is (genetics? birth order? gender?), but I have no real answers. My son is a type A, perfectionist, rule-follower, while my daughter throws all caution to the wind and often thinks up trouble for them both to get into. At 4, my son’s interests include sports (namely baseball and football), superheroes, and music.  My daughter likes to be in the middle of whatever her big brother is doing, but she also likes babies and imaginative play.  They keep me busy; they keep me laughing.

Becoming a writer was never really a part of my plan. It wasn’t on any of my twelve to-do lists, and where would I find the time anyway? I’ve found, though, that things rarely ever go according to plan (and I’m still learning to be ok with that, haha). My ex and I split when my son was barely two and my daughter was an infant.  As I navigated a new job, home, and role as single mother, I found that writing helped me process the events occurring in my life. And you know what else? Surprisingly, I wasn’t the only one in that position–others were experiencing the same highs and lows I was, and that was comforting. It was encouraging.  My writing, something very personal, became something communal, and I loved the community to which I now belonged.  So I will continue to write about my experiences, and I hope you will join me for the journey.  Let me be clear, I am no expert in parenting–just a mom trying to figure it all out.

About Lindsey Light: Lindsey Light is just a single mama trying to figure it all out.  A hometown girl at heart, Lindsey attended Wright State University and the University of Dayton to study English. She fell in love with UD and decided to return there to teach.  When she’s not teaching students to write, Lindsey is at home with her gorgeous redheads, Deacon (4) and Nora (2). They enjoy visiting the local parks, libraries, and kiddie places, as well as keeping up with the local sports teams.

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