A First-Timers Guide to the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis


Indianapolis is home to the world’s largest children’s museum. If you aren’t prepared, the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis can be an enjoyable, but overwhelming experience.

Don’t worry, I’m here to help…sort of.

First of all, proper nutrition is needed long before your big day at the Museum even begins…

No, I’m not talking about for your kids, I’m talking about nutrition for you. I suggest coffee. Several cups of black coffee.


Before you leave the house, definitely make sure you have proper shoes on your feet. I don’t mean sensible shoes because of all the walking either, I’m talkin’ cool bright pink rain boots.


Keep in mind the parking garage at the Museum is FREE, but only minivans are allowed.


Just kidding about the minivan part, but as you drive in the parking garage, there’s nothing but minivans for as far as your eyes can see.  Another thing about parking, don’t take the first parking spot you see, the walkway to the Museum is on the second floor it’s a much closer walk if you drive up to the second or third level, and park there.


Inside the Museum building (but free because it’s before the admission gates) is a small public library called the Infozone. It’s a great place to use the bathrooms one last time before heading into the Museum and also a great place to take a quiet break when your day at the Museum starts feeling a little too chaotic.


After entering the Museum, head straight to the top floor and ride the carousel. You’re going to have to ride it once before you leave anyway, you might as well do it first so it’s checked off the list, and before it gets too busy.


Bring nickels. Also on the top floor, there’s an old coin-operated grocery store horse you can ride. It works, but it costs a nickel. Even though your kids just rode the carousel, they will beg to ride this horse. So make sure you bring nickels, seriously at what other time in your life can you make your child’s day for just five cents?


After you leave the Museum, drive up to the top floor of the parking garage, there you will see an incredible view of Indy. It’s a great way to end a busy day at the Children’s Museum before heading home.


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