The Multifunctional Packbasket Grocer

I LOVE bags. I have so many bags I have to organize my bags! I use them for everything from groceries to sports equipment. I recently discovered the Packbasket Grocer from ADK Packworks. I love this bag because it is different from all the rest.

The Packbasket Grocer was modeled after Adirondack baskets that were used to carry heavy loads in the mountains. (I use it to carry heavy loads in Ohio!) Its lightweight metal frame and rigid bottom allow it to stay upright, so you can load it up and not worry about it falling over. The Packbasket also folds flat for storage and the durable ripstop nylon bag can be removed for cleaning. The color choices are great and there are even optional toppers and cooler liners.

This bag is so versatile. One of the best features is the adjustable straps for various carrying positions. You can place it over the shoulder, carry it across the body as a messenger bag, hold it by two handles or strap it on your back. Over the shoulder it is a reusable grocery or shopping bag. Use it as a tote to carry art supplies, school crafts, sports equipment, play date toys and library books. My friend even uses one as a mini hamper in her baby’s room! Adjust the straps to the backpack position, add the cooler liner and topper, and you have a great picnic basket. I even keep one in the car for work or unexpected stops. One of my favorite uses for the Packbasket Grocer: to store my other bags!

Check out the ADK Packworks website for more info!

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