The Butler County Donut Trail


The sweetest journey your family will travel this summer is in Southwestern Ohio. If you love donuts like I do, then it’s time to hike the Butler County Donut Trail. Complete in a day or take the entire summer to fill your passport; it’s a road trip for every palate and a fun quest to find your favorite breakfast treat.

To begin the Butler County Donut Trail, review the map and collect your hard copy of the passport at the Butler County Visitor’s Bureau, at a participating donut shop or download from the comfort of your home.  Your goal: visit each shop on the trail, enjoy the delicious donuts and have your passport completely stamped. Once the expedition has been conquered, trek your way (with your passport) to the Butler County Visitors Bureau to be awarded your Donut Trail T-Shirt.

My daughter and I, along with some great friends, completed the Butler County Donut Trail in one glorious week; here’s a recap of our delicious travels through Butler County:


Stan The Donut Man

This is my family’s neighborhood donut shop. Our must-have
donuts include their Old-Fashioned and the famous “Davey Crocket,” a glazed cinnamon twist (pictured at right) that’s absolute perfection. Another popular flavor is Stan’s Pineapple Fritter.

The Donut Spot

Friendly staff, outgoing regulars and delicious donuts are the unique elements of this charming shop.

The seasonal Orange Glazed Cake Donut (tastes like a Froot Loop!) and the Cheesecake Donut (pictured at left) are tiny pieces of Heaven on Earth!



Several friends recommended this shop, and their suggestions did not disappoint. Jupiter’s delicious flavor blends are a welcome shock to your taste buds.

I highly suggest the Red Storm Roll, a raspberry infused cinnamon roll (pictured at right), seasonal Strawberry Short Cake Donut and the Miami Maple Merger.


Martin’s Donut Shop

As you enter this pink shop, your scenes are delighted with aromas of good coffee and delicious treats.

The friendly staff gave us a tour of the donut selections; and we were treated with their famous Cherry Cheesecake Donut (pictured) and the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip… insanely good!


Central Pastry Shop

I love glazed donuts, and this hometown shop has an absolutely fantastic buttery glazed donut. The Cinnamon & Sugar Twist is another “must-eat” (pictured).

Their donuts paired with a light skim milk is the breakfast of champions.


Milton’s Donuts

From their flavorful Blueberry Cake Donut (pictured) to the delightful Apple Fritters, you can’t go wrong with their selection of donuts!

There are so many amazing flavors to try; you’ll need to visit multiple times to try them all!



Oxford Doughnut Shoppe

From now on, every time my family travels to Miami University for an early morning swim meet, we will be visiting this amazing college town donut shop. The donuts are huge and incredibly tasty.

I can’t wait to eat another Glazed or Red Velvet Cake Donut (pictured)my memories will have to sustain me for now!


Mimi’s Donuts & Bakery

Tucked away on a quiet road in Hamilton, Mimi’s Donuts & Bakery is a treasure of delicious donut delights.

Their glazed donuts did not disappoint; and the Peanut Butter Chocolate (pictured) was downright sinful (in the best possible way!).



Ross Bakery

With a long line of patrons and the phone ringing off the hook with orders, I knew this place must be good!

Their glazed cake donut (pictured at right) reminded me of the Little Debbie Donut Sticks my grandma and I used to share during tea/coffee time — amazing!!!


Kelly’s Bakery

This adorable bakery has the best and most creative selection of yeast donuts on the Donut Trail: Fuity Pebbles and S’mores (pictured at left), plus many more! Each one gets more and more delicious as you nibble away.

Oh, and there’s even a jelly donut that doesn’t make a the mess… you’ll have to try this feat of donut nature for yourself!


We really enjoyed this sweet journey; and we will wear our Donut Trail t-shirts proudly! This summer, take your family and friends on this delicious trail and decide which flavors are your favorite.

Note: Most donut shops will close when they sell out. Please begin your trail early. For more information visit the Butler County Visitors Bureau.

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