Swim Lessons with Aqua-Tots!

As a mom who likes to frequent our community pool during the summer months, water safety is definitely a high priority! So when I was presented with the opportunity to sign my 6 year-old daughter up for swim lessons before our pool even opens for the season, I had to jump right in (pun intended).


When I called Aqua-Tots to set up our first class, I quickly learned that almost any day and time slot was available for me to choose from. Weekends? Yep. Mornings? Yep. Evenings after work or school? You got it. I’ve never been able to fit something into my schedule so easily! I was asked a series of questions about my daughter’s abilities and comfort level in the water, and was assigned a level for her to be ‘tested’ in. She would attend a trial class so that an instructor would be able to further determine her abilities, and decide if the level was right for her.

The day of our trial class, we were greeted by kind and upbeat staff members who were eager to help us learn the ropes. We were taught what to do when we first arrived at class each week, where my daughter would go when her name was called for start time, where I would sit so that I could watch her and what to do at the end of each class.

Before the class began, my daughter was given a wristband in order to identify her as a new swimmer. The instructors and staff members would then know she was a rookie at Aqua-Tots. They would make sure to pay her special attention, ensuring she was able to keep up and learn what would be expected of her during the trial, and at each class thereafter.

Classes are only 30 minutes long (you read that right!), and the teacher to student ratio is 4:1—although there were only 2 swimmers in our trial class. The short time frame makes it even easier to fit in such an important lesson, and also helps make sure your kiddo can stay focused for the duration of the class.

At the end of the trial class, my daughter’s instructor walked her out to me, and explained that after watching and testing her on several key tasks in the pool, he determined that level 4 was a good fit. She was doing very well and had just a few more things to perfect before graduating to level 5. They would continue to work on those skills over the next several weeks.

As for my daughter—she was all smiles! She had so much fun and was excited to learn she’d be coming back the following week. And did we mention the treasure chest full of lollipops on the way out? 🙂

Aqua-Tots has two convenient locations in the Dayton area! For more information about their programs visit their website or call the location closest to your family!

Aqua-Tots Beavercreek: 2451 Lakeview Dr, Beavercreek, OH 45431, (937) 200-1120

Aqua-Tots Springboro: 716 N Main St, Springboro, OH 45066, (937) 886-4321

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