Bye Bye Bugs – Hello Summer!

We are re-claiming our backyard this year! For years we have suffered the brutal attack of mosquitoes and have finally found a solution, Mosquito Joe of South Dayton!


A few years ago, my husband and I moved to an older neighborhood in a great school district. One of the main reasons we chose our house and neighborhood was the quaint backyard and the big beautiful trees that provide the perfect amount of shade in the evening. We dreamt of bonfires in the summer and cookouts on the patio but we definitely underestimated one thing – – – the BUGS!

The mosquitoes in our neighborhood are relentless and there have definitely been sleepless nights of constant itching and discomfort from bug bites. Now that our little one is on the move and LOVES to play outside, we knew we needed a solution and FAST! We found Mosquito Joe – a local franchisee servicing South Dayton.  

We decided to start with a few months of treatments (one treatment lasts up to 30 days) to start. The great thing about this company is you are never locked into a HUGE ongoing commitment. In fact, Mosquito Joe offers special one-time treatments for special events if that’s all you are looking for!

We are so excited to spend time outdoors this year without the consequence of those itchy, red bumps. Follow along as we detail the next few months of our experience and the big changes that we see on our property.

Ready to make YOUR outdoor space fun again? Check out Mosquito Joe of South Dayton at their website or call them at (937) 972-0949. For a FUN promo video, click the image below! 🙂 


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