Surprise Father’s Day Gift

My daughter gave me my Father’s Day gift already and she doesn’t even know it.

It didn’t cost her a thing and it means everything in the world to me.

Ironically, she gave me the gift on her birthday. It wasn’t a material item, but it was something I needed and can use often.

I wished her a Happy Birthday on social media and after thanking me she casually mentioned that “I had always kind of been her hero!”

For a Dad it doesn’t get much better than that!

Especially a Dad who had been doubting himself lately. I felt my fathering skills had been slipping: I’ve been grumpier, more impatient and seemingly losing my touch as a good father to my daughter the last few months.

So, my daughter’s statement surprised me…but in a good way!

My daughter’s statement also did something else, it erased my self-doubt as a Dad and allowed me to realize that kids are often willing to overlook some of our flaws because they love us. My daughter’s statement not only made me feel great, it made me realize that she was thankful that I was her Dad.

I have never considered myself a Hero and still don’t. A hero has Super Powers, they save people and they wear tights and capes. I don’t have any Super Powers and if I wore tights I would send a lot of people running away in fear!

I’m just a Dad that really loves his kid and now that she gave me an unexpected early Father’s Day gift… I love her even more!






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