Reading Assistance for Busy Parents

All parents would love to have endless amounts of time to sit and read to their kids, right? Unfortunately, life gets in the way and can make time for frequent one-on-one reading with your little ones hard to find. Fear not, frazzled parents! We’ve got a couple tricks up our sleeves at the library that can help you during those times when you want your kids to be reading, but you don’t have the time to read to them:

VOX Books are our newest collection at the library, and they’ve been flying off of the shelves as parents and kids discover them. VOX Books are all-in-one read-along audiobooks for kids. Kids can listen to books aloud or plug in headphones to listen on their own. The books are read in their entirety, and special sounds are added in to let kids know when to turn the pages. We have a growing selection of these fun and informative books. An added bonus with the fiction titles is that the author is the one narrating the book. Who doesn’t want Mo Willems to read them a story?!

If you can’t make it in to the library, TumbleBook Library is another great resource. TumbleBooks is an online collection of books and activities for kids. For younger children, it includes read-along storybooks that even highlight the sentence being read so that kids can follow along. This is great for emerging readers! TumbleBook Library does require a paid subscription, but if you have a library card, you can access it for FREE from our website!

Nothing will ever replace the special moments and bonds that are made between parents and children during reading time together, but VOX Books and TumbleBook Library are great alternatives when that’s just not possible!


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